MatchBOX Coworking Studio

During the fall and winter of 2016, I wanted to photograph MatchBOX Coworking Studio, where I had a marketing internship.

The following are images that follow MatchBOX's brand and messaging and have been used by MatchBOX for marketing, social, and promotional purposes.

mbc equation, t shirts.jpg
mbx conference room colors.jpg
mbx einstein bulbs.jpg
mbx flyer.jpg
mbx yes 2.jpg
mbx metal sculpture 3.jpg
mbx mug.jpg
mbx orange.jpg
mbx pipes.jpg
mbx slide copy.jpg
mbx plants copy.jpg
mbx stairs, window.jpg
mbx stools.jpg
mbx matches 2.jpg
mbx upstairs.jpg
mbx yellow lab window.jpg
MBX yes.jpg